What the press are saying…

We’re fortunate that we have a lot of people who are fans of what we do. We’ve been delighted about the recent┬ápress coverage and we thought we would post some links to our favourites.

Nokia were the original inspiration for the BBC Podcast Lounge when we entered the AlphaLabsCC competition late last year (and we won an award!), so it’s great to see our apps getting a mention on Nokia Conversations:

My Personal Lumia “Desert Island” apps

My app of the week: BBC Radio Player

Best podcast apps for your Nokia Lumia

We got a chance to demo our latest creation, BBC Radio Player Pro at this week’s London Windows Phone User Group (#wpug). It was well received and our friends at WPCentral snapped a video review and wrote up a great article. You can read all about the new app on their website here.

Not content with the new Radio Player, they also snapped the latest version of the Podcast Lounge which is currently in testing. This new version features the ability to automatically sync your favourite podcasts when your phone is charging overnight. We’re really looking forward to getting it launched in the Marketplace shortly.