Privacy Policy Radio Lounge

This Privacy Statement is part of the End User License Agreement (the Agreement) governing the use of the RADIO LOUNGE software (the  SOFTWARE) which may operate on Windows Phone Smartphone devices and applies to Your use of the SOFTWARE.

1) Information the Company collects and how we use it.

a) The SOFTWARE shall be downloaded and installed though Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace. The transaction is governed by Microsoft’s privacy policy (see

b) Should You email the Company, the Company may retain such email communications. The Company will protect such email communications as Your private information and will not disclose any contents of the email communications unless as described in this Privacy Statement or upon Your written permission.

c) The application shall report anonymous usage statistics back to the Company via a 3rd party analytics collection service, where appropriate, to statistically understand usage for the purposes of enhancing the user experience of future versions of the SOFTWARE. Except as described in this statement, information you provide will not be transferred to 3rd parties without your consent.

d) The  Company  may  be  required to disclose Your private  information, Your Transaction Data or Your  Personally Identifiable Information with law enforcement authorities pursuant to a court order or other legal process or  if Company has knowledge or a reasonable belief that a violation of applicable law has occurred through use of the SOFTWARE.

2) Information sharing

a) Unless  the  Company  has Your express consent or as stated in this Privacy Statement, the Company does  not share any of Your private information or Personally Identifiable Information with any third parties.
b) Should You  come  into  possession  of  the  private  information or  Personally  Identifiable  Information  of  other  users  of  the  SOFTWARE, You are expressly forbidden from sharing such information with third parties. Any sharing of such  other  users  information without their consent is an express  violation  of  this  Privacy  Statement  and  this  Agreement.

3) Information security. Although the Company takes appropriate security measures to protect Your private information stored by the SOFTWARE. Our security efforts may be dependent upon the security procedures of certain third parties with whom the Company contracts for the provision of certain services. The Company cannot warrant or ensure that the security measures of such third party providers will protect such information.

4)  Enforcement. The Company will enforce this Privacy Statement, and if You violate any  of  its  terms,  the  Company  may  prevent  You  from using the SOFTWARE. If You believe that a person has violated this Privacy Statement then contact the Company.

5) Changes to this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement may change from time to time. The most recent version shall supersede any and all other versions of this Privacy Statement. The Company reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Statement at any time.

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