Radio Lounge

Get high quality, streamed radio straight to your Windows Phone! Clean, crisp interface complete with beautiful high definition programme guide.

Radio Lounge UK allows selection from many of the major UK radio stations including Radio 1, Radio 4, Classic FM and Capital.

Ideal for expatriates who miss their favourite programmes from back home and those with poor FM signal reception.


  • Slick metro-styled electronic programme guide that allows you to see what’s on now and what’s coming up. The guide also shows you how much is left to run of the current programme.
  • Advanced streaming server management which seeks out the most reliable streaming source for your connection.
  • Full integration with the Music + Video hub allowing favourite channels to be stored in the history.


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The app is available to download from the Windows Phone Store:

Radio Lounge UK

We’ve had some great press coverage too. Check out what the press have been saying about the Radio Lounge:

We’ve also had some great reviews on the marketplace. Here is a selection of our favourites:

“Simple and well designed. Flawless app!”
“Really good, works well!”
“Can’t wait till the mango update for background playing. Excellent app!”
“Great quality streaming. Simple ap. Does what its supposed to!”
“Great app Streams really well and the quality is fantastic.”
“2 Second wait and it had buffered and started streaming… Super fast, super smooth, perfect app on my HD7”
“Absolutely fantastic.”
“Just a fantastic app.”
“Just a small part of home in your pocket, great!”
“I LOVE this app. It’s difficult to listen to BBC 1 in the US, but this app makes it really easy! Thank you very much for making it!”