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Podcast Lounge 2.0 Nearing Completion

We’ve just hit our release candidate milestone on our most significant update of Podcast Lounge to date. Expect to see it hit the store in the coming days with full coverage in all of the major Windows Phone news sites.

New in this update:

  • Added Smart Playlists support
  • Lots of improvements & fixes
  • Backup/restore functionality
  • New player screen with scrubbing support
  • Revamped settings area
  • Added share status via Email
  • Support for HTML podcast show notes
  • Block auto-sync of specific favourites
  • Lots of fixes and other small features

We’re really excited that this development phase is drawing to a close and we’re looking forward to getting the version in the hands of our loyal users.

More soon.

Why we’re excited about Windows Phone 8.0 GDR2

Whilst the GDR2 update is quite a subtle refresh for Windows Phone 8.0, it does address many quirks of the underlying operating system. All things considered, Microsoft’s transition from Windows Phone 7.x and the old Windows CE kernel to the PC Windows NT kernel on Windows Phone 8.0 was nothing short of astounding with many industry pundits likening the move to changing the wheels of a car whilst driving at 70mph.

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Igneous Software interviewed on Podcast Squared

We had the pleasure to be invited to join Andrew Johnstone over at the Podcast Squared podcast for an episode focussed on Windows Phone and our Podcast Lounge app. Andrew does a weekly podcast focussing on podcasting in general: suggesting great new content worth listening to, interviewing the developers behind the apps and of course the all-important content providers. We’ve been enjoying his programme ever since we discovered it.

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Upgrading to Windows Phone 7.8

The early adopters of the new Windows Phone 7.8 update (build 8858) who use our Radio Lounge apps will notice that streaming support appears to have broken since the upgrade. The apps report buffering, but eventually fail with a “crikey” message. Our investigations have concluded that the new OS update is missing some of the vital components required for WMA streaming which our radio apps need to stream correctly .

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